Hamlet of Cynthia Wastewater Rehabilitation

The Hamlet of Cynthia is located 32 km northwest of the Town of Drayton Valley. Most of the wastewater collection system was constructed in 1956 using primarily asbestos cement pipe with some concrete pipe sections. The bulk of the collection system has been in operation for nearly 60 years. Canadian Consulting Engineers was retained by the Brazeau County to design and construction of Hamlet of Cynthia Wastewater Rehabilitation.


The objective of the project was to rehabilitate the aged sanitary sewer system.


Replacement of asbestos cement pipe required special consideration in the removal, handling, transport and disposal of waste products.


The project construction involved open cut and vertical trench construction methods. The major components of the project include the following:
• Approximately 360m of 450mm diameter and 1,896m of 300mm diameter new PVC DR35 pipe
• Approximately 58 vertical meters of 24 new 1500mm and 1200mm diameter manholes
• 22 existing sanitary sewer service connections
• Removed and disposed of approximately 1,860m of existing sanitary sewer (asbestos cement and concrete pipes, 250mm – 300mm diameters).
• Removed and disposed of approximately 64 vertical meters of 19 existing manholes including frame and covers
• Cleared, grubbed, and cut trees on approximately 7,820 m2 area.
• Stripped topsoil from approximately 13,200m2 area (300mm depth).
• Bypassed all sanitary flows using pumps and hoses

Canadian Consulting Engineers provided preliminary design, detailed design, project management and construction administration.