South Sanitary Trunk Main Upgrading

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The Town of Drayton Valley wastewater collection system was at significant risk of overloading, causing sewer backup and overloading sewage lagoon due to excess amounts of wet weather inflow and infiltration during moderate to heavy rainfall events. Canadian Consulting Engineers was retained by the Town of Drayton Valley to design and construction of South Sanitary Trunk Main Upgrading.

The project’s objectives were:
• To eliminate sewer backup by increasing wastewater collection system capacity
• To reduce inflow and infiltration and decrease load on sewage lagoon

The key challenges were:
• Unavailability of required utility right of way
• Close proximity (2m-5m) of aged and fragile live trunk sewer
• High ground water table and poor soil conditions
• Complex network of high pressure oil and gas pipelines
• Un-named creek crossings
• Approvals from the authorities

The project construction involved open cut, vertical trench and cased boring construction methods. The major components of the project include the following:
• Approximately 3,400m long, 1,050mm diameter PVC DR35 pipe including 200m long, 1,524mm diameter, 12.7mm thick steel casing (3m – 6m depth)
• Approximately 55m long 750m diameter PVC DR35 pipe (5m depth)
• 35 new, approximately 152 vertical meters of 2,400mm, 1,800mm and 1,500mm diameters manholes
• 2 new 750mm diameter gates and 24 existing sanitary sewer service connections

Canadian Consulting Engineers provided preliminary design, detailed design, project management and construction administration.